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PowerSafe Training

To get the Powersafe training or the annual refresher course for access to Southern Company projects, you can follow the instructions below. The initial PowerSafe training cost $34 & the Refresher course costs $14. Both are refundable through
labor broker Day & Zimmerman when you hire in. 

  1. Go to www.powersafetraining.org

  2. At this website, click on the dropdown "Login".

  3. Click on: Login to "Powersafe Training".

  4. This takes you to the Registration page.

  5. Enter your Social Security number.

  6. Next enter: bmorrison@ibew136.org in the administrator username.

  7. Enter:  side......s for the password. If you don't know this, call Bruce @ 833-0909 On billing, click the credit card button, which creates a dropdown for your credit card or debit information.

  8. Do not save your credit card info or profiles as there is no need for this.

  9. Click on Login which takes you to the Course selection page. It will show Southern Company curriculum. Click on that.

  10. It will show three choices, 12PSGEN, 12SCGEN, and Refresher course. The first two are PowerSafe Generation ($32) and Southern Company Generation ($2), both must be taken for initial training if you've never done it. The Refresher is the annual refresher course that must be renewed each year and costs $14.

  11. Any problems logging in or other questions, call Bruce at the Hall.